Open now through November 1, 2015!

Travel back in time with Dinosaurs Come to Life, a prehistoric outdoor adventure! See life-size animatronic dinosaurs roar, spit, and bellow as you trek through this exciting educational exhibit.

This year’s exhibit is bigger and better than ever with 7 animatronic dinos–the most we’ve ever had! Experience a whole Tyrannosaurus rex family and check out Dilophosaurus spitter’s new paint job! Citipati, Suchomimus, and Parasaurolophus hatchlings are back, and we’re especially excited about the addition of Quetzalcoatlus!

Dinosaurs Come to Life also includes 5 static dinosaurs, a climbable model perfect for taking photos, and a recreated paleontologist dig site complete with fossil dig.

Special thanks to our exhibit sponsors!