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The Wonders of a Zoo… After Dark!

Posted in Facts, Flashlight Safari, News, Special Events on October 16th, 2012

Flashlight Safari at Reptiland Have you ever wondered what happens in a zoo after dark? You might imagine something similar to “Night at the Museum” where all the animals magically come out of their cages and begin their nightly frolics. Believe it or not, this isn’t the case. Many animals, however, are more active after […]

Dinosaur Fun Facts: Baryonyx

Posted in Dinosaurs Come to Life, Facts, Flashlight Safari, Reptiles on August 29th, 2012

Baryonyx was a 30 foot long, 3,700 pound dinosaur that lived during the Cretaceous period, approximately 130-125 million years ago. It was one of the few known piscivorous (fish eating) species and was equipped with special adaptations; long, narrow jaws filled with 128 finely serrated teeth and hook-like claws to hunt its prey.  Baryonyx hunted […]