Dinosaurs Come To Life

Dinosaurs Come to Life returns April 25, 2015!

Travel back in time with Dinosaurs Come to Life, a prehistoric outdoor adventure! See life-size animatronic dinosaurs roar, spit, and bellow as you take a trek through this exciting educational exhibit. Favorites like Tyrannosaurus rex, Dilophosaurus, Suchomimus, and Citipati return, and we’ll welcome the impressive Quetzacoatlus to the lineup this year! This exhibit also includes 5 static dinosaurs, a climbable model perfect for taking photos, and a recreated paleontologist dig site complete with fossil dig.

In the mean time, come check out the dinosaurs on our Prehistoric Path!

Open year round, this trail includes dinosaur models of Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, a Parasaurolophus photo op, Tyrannosaurus rex, two Coelophysis, and interpretive graphics.

Dinosaurs Come to Life