It’s All About Dinos!

Join us on July 22 & 23 for Dino Days, a whole weekend of prehistoric fun!

Join us for the third annual Dino Days at Reptiland on July 22 & 23, 2017!

Sure, you can learn about dinosaurs in books, online, and even on TV…but wouldn’t you rather learn by experiencing them?

Dr. Dino, paleontologist and all-around dino expert, will once again join us for this fun and educational event. Learn about his extensive collection of fossils and artifacts, go on a dinosaur expedition, and walk among creatures that roar, spit, and bellow in Dinosaurs Come to Life. Kids can also enjoy a dino-themed activity and enter to win the Prehistoric Prize Pack—all for the price of regular admission!

Mark your calendars–you don’t want to miss this DINO-mite event!

Meet Chris DeLorey, the man behind Dr. Dino

dinohunt1_1Chris DeLorey is the Director of Education for the Brevard Zoo, a 72-acre zoological facility that combines interactive visitor experiences with animals in a naturalistic setting. As a fossil history and dinosaur buff,  he enjoys connecting the living collection to both the past and the future.

He began following the use of animatronic dinosaurs in zoos and museums in the 1980s.  At the same time, he began making trips out west to work on various dinosaur sites throughout Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. He created the Dr. Dino persona to marry two of his passions: paleontology and hands-on learning.

DeLorey works closely with Billings Productions to help develop animatronic dinosaurs that excite the imaginations of children and adults alike.  Billings also partners with the Brevard Zoo to lead trips out west, collecting dinosaur material to use in educational programs at various institutions.

Chris DeLorey has a dual major Bachelors degree in Zoology and Secondary Education as well as a Master of Science in Education from the University of South Florida.

We’re very excited to have Dr. Dino back again, and we hope to see you here too!