Spring weather + Holiday weekend + Off-season perks = the PERFECT Zoo visit! 

We’re getting a rare and premature introduction to spring with this weekend’s weather. It may not be here to stay just yet, but we’ll take it! And what better way to get out and enjoy the weather than with a trip to the zoo—especially with all of the perks of visiting in the off-season! Here’s why you should head to Reptiland this weekend:

The Animals

Kind of an obvious one, but definitely worth noting! While there’s not much wildlife to see outdoors at the moment (we don’t count squirrels and chipmunks), you can see nearly 40 species of exotic reptiles and amphibians under one roof in our Exhibit Gallery! Then head to the Program Center to learn all about the four main groups of living reptiles in our Reptile Diversity show, complete with artifacts and touchable animals. With our interactive exhibits, educational graphics, and live shows, you’ll leave here a reptile expert! 

Want to test your knowledge? Complete our Zoo Clues worksheet during your visit to show off all that you’ve learned!

Perks of Off-season visits - kids looking at pythons

Special Feedings & Encounters

Things tend to slow down during the off-season, but that just means we’re able to spend more time with you and your family one-on-one.

During the summer the zoo is too busy and crowded to do animal feedings, but in the off-season, we offer them after every show! So when you’re done learning about reptile diversity, head to the Exhibit Gallery to witness an animal feeding.

And don’t forget to catch an Animal Encounter! At 11:30, 1:00, and 2:30 you’ll get the chance to see animals up-close and ask our experts questions—something only offered in the off-season.

Looking for an extra special encounter? Check out our Meet and Feed the Gentle Giants experience!

Reduced Admission Rates

Because there is a little less to see November-April, we take $2 off our regular admission rates. So really, when you consider the lowered rates combined with the additional experiences, you’re actually getting more zoo fun for less money! #score

Fewer People, More Space

If you’ve ever visited on a weekend in July, you know that it can get pretty crazy around here . . . While we’re always happy to have a packed house, we know that it can be frustrating for our guests, especially the kiddos.

The good news?  In the off-season, it’s much quieter and more peaceful! There’s no need to hurry so the people behind you can see; there’s no line formed by the restrooms; no hold-ups at the admissions desk; and most importantly, no waiting to see your favorite animal in the gallery! You’re able to take your time enjoying each and every part of the zoo—and we hope that you do!

BONUS: Parakeet Landing

That’s right, even though this exhibit was supposed to be closed for the season, you can still experience Parakeet Landing when you visit during the off-season!*

The birds have a heated night house they can fly in and out of, but the actual exhibit space is not heated. Because of this, we were planning to shut it down until spring. After some thought, however, we decided to experiment with opening the exhibit for 30-minute increments throughout the day so that EVERY guest can spend time with our feathered friends! And so far, it’s been a great success! Purchase a seed stick for only $2, and you’ll have budgies eating out of your hands (literally). Just bring a light jacket . . . despite the warm weather this weekend, it may still be a bit chilly! 

We appreciate having guests any time of year, but we encourage you to take advantage of the unique experience that comes from visiting in the off-season (the 60 degree weather doesn’t hurt either).

Plan your visit based on our hours and show times, and we’ll see you soon!

*Please be advised: Parakeet Landing is open daily at select times, however the exhibit’s availability is still dependent on weather. If you are counting on seeing this exhibit, please call us at 570-538-1869 on the day you plan to visit to confirm that it is open.