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Reptiland has long been known as an educational and recreational resource for schools and other organizations. Our world-class, specialized zoo brings students eyeball-to-eyeball with some of the world’s most misunderstood creatures in an interactive learning environment!

Encounter reptiles and amphibians from around the world on this zoological adventure. Our exciting live shows explore the close-up world of reptiles and amphibians in a way not possible in larger zoos. Friendly experts answer questions and offer students the opportunity to touch various species. During warmer months, tortoises, iguanas, and Komodo dragons venture into outdoor habitats, while seasonal exhibits make each visit unique. With modern indoor exhibits and daily live shows, Reptiland is a year-round field trip destination.

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Live Shows

Our daily live shows vary by season but typically last 30 minutes and conclude with a touch opportunity!

Spring Lineup

Tropical Rainforest: Nature’s Hothouse | April 24–28, 2017
Featured one week a year, this show introduces students to the wonder of rainforest animals!
*Note: this show runs a little longer—about 45-50 minutes.

The Ruling Reptiles | May 1–5, 15–19, May 29–June 2, 2017
Dinosaurs and their relatives are the subject of this fascinating show that includes living examples.

Lizards & Snakes Alive | May 8–12, 22–26, and June 5–9, 2017 
This scaly show features the most successful reptiles of all time with an assortment of exciting animals.

Year-round Exhibits

Exhibit Gallery
Experience 40 species under one roof in our main gallery! Regardless of the weather, you can enjoy naturalistic, recreated habitats, educational graphics, and special interactives. Learn more.

Island Giants
Witness the world’s largest lizard—the Komodo dragon—in a state-of-the-art exhibit! You can also see Al & Henry, our two giant Aldabra tortoises and oldest zoo residents! Sneak a peek.

Seasonal Exhibits

Dinosaurs Come to Life
This outdoor adventure contains life-size dinosaurs, interpretive graphics, and a paleontologist dig site. Students will come face to face with realistic representations of Tyrannosaurus rex, Dilophosaurus, Carnotosaurus, Utahraptor, Ornithomimus, and other well known dinosaurs. Students will not only get to experience these extinct reptiles through movement and sound, they’ll also learn how dinosaurs hunted, protected their young, and defended themselves. The exhibit is open April 22—October 29, 2017, rain or shine, so students should come dressed for the weather. Read about this year’s exhibit.

Parakeet Landing
Surround yourself with hundreds of colorful parakeets in our wildly popular walk-through aviary! Enjoy the company of feathered friends as beautiful budgies fly about in this exciting and immersive experience. Learn more.

Picnic facilities

We have a few picnic areas throughout the zoo for guests. However, only one of them is covered by a tent (in case of inclement weather), and it is in high demand during spring and early summer. Because of this, we reserve the tented picnic area in 30-minute increments for each group that requests it’s use, and we do our best to schedule picnic times according to group preferences.


We carry a wide variety of educational books, toys, and other souvenirs perfect for field trippers of all ages! We would love for your group to shop while you’re here!

If you’re short on time, we also offer an order form that can be sent to parents in advance so that children can pre-order items with help from our Student Shopper Online Catalog. We fill all the orders during your visit, and each kiddo can take home a souvenir without using up any valuable field trip time! For more details on this convenient program, ask staff when reserving your field trip.

Educational materials

Teachers can print free educational materials from our website to prepare students for their visit. Get them here.


Please call ahead to schedule your field trip date and time. Late April, May, and early June are busy times for groups, so we recommend making your reservations as far in advance as possible.

If you want to avoid the crunch of “field trip season,” consider booking a trip in the fall—September and October are great months to visit!

Discounted Rates

Scheduled, organization-based groups* of 15 or more people qualify for the following rates:

  • $10 for ages 12 and up (including seniors)
  • $7 for ages 3-11**
  • Free for ages 2 and under

Group admissions must be paid for in one lump sum; group members may not pay individually.

Please contact us with any questions, and we hope to see you soon!

Do some virtual exploring before your visit with our interactive zoo map!

*If interested in these rates, please call us at 570.538.1869 to verify that your group qualifies.

**For every 25 child/student admissions, get one free chaperone admission. Restrictions apply.

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