No Nest Needed

Unlike most birds, budgies do not build nests. Females lay eggs in tree holes, hollow logs, fence posts, or any other protected crevice they find. Mother birds stay to incubate the eggs for 2-3 weeks, rarèly leaving the nest. The father usually feeds the female until the babies fledge and begin life on their own.

Colorful Nomads

Flocks of budgies may travel thousands of miles each year through the blistering Australian Outback in search of food and water. They migrate with the seasonal rains that produce lush plant growth and eat the seeds of wild grasses and agricultural crops. Although beautiful, flocks of budgies are often a nuisance to farmers.

What's a "Budgie", Mate?

The parakeets in this exhibit are native to Australia, where people call them budgerigars or “budgies.” These tiny parrots travel in huge flocks over hot, arid terrain. Intelligent, vocal, and colorful. budgies have been kept as pets for more than 150 years. They are now the world’s most popular companion birds.

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