Wildlife Programs

Quality Nature Programs

Reptiland’s wildlife programs provide quality natural history presentations for schools, universities, and other organizations. Carefully selected for their enthusiasm, our staff lecturers are people-oriented naturalists who know how to captivate an audience, be it elementary or college level. We think you’ll agree, there are no better quality nature programs available anywhere, at any price.

Wildlife Program Fees

Single program – $500.00
Two programs back-to-back – $750.00
Three programs back-to-back – $1000.00

A travel fee of $0.65 per mile round trip from Allenwood, Pennsylvania applies for all programs.
An additional fee of $100.00 applies to all weekend and evening programs (evening programs are those starting after 4:30pm). Overnight lodging for early morning or late evening programs more than 150 miles from Allenwood, PA.

*Please note: This discounted pricing applies only when the same program is presented multiple times. If you are interested in booking different shows back-to-back, the single program price of $500 will apply per program.

Programs Offered


This 45 to 60 minute program introduces audiences to the fascinating world of turtles, crocodilians, lizards and snakes. The program uses live reptiles from around the world: a tortoise, lizard, alligator and a variety of snakes including a large constrictor. The program covers the ecology and natural history of reptiles, and audiences leave with a new appreciation for this maligned class of animals.

Tropical Rainforest

Nowhere on earth can a greater diversity of life forms be found than in the tropical rainforests that straddle the equator. Plants and animals are disappearing at an alarming rate as these forests are slashed and burned. This program is a celebration of rainforest diversity. Through the use of an assortment of live animals representing habitats from the canopy to the forest floor, and a poison-dart blowpipe demonstration, audiences are introduced to the excitement of jungle life.


The variety in nature is staggering – scientists have identified about 1.75 million species of living things to date, and more are being discovered every year. Our biodiversity program introduces the interrelationships of living things with an exciting lineup of animals, including a scorpion, rat, owl, giant toad, snake, and cockroaches. The show focuses on the importance of biodiversity, what threatens it, and what can be done to help protect it.

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