June 16, 2017 | Fossil Dig Now Open!

We’ve been working on it for the past several weeks, and we’re excited to announce it is now complete and ready for you to enjoy—it’s our very own Fossil Dig!

We’re excited to unveil this interactive activity as it’s the perfect addition to our Dinosaurs Come to Life exhibit!

Hidden beneath the sand (more like small pebbles) is the cast of a dinosaur skeleton, and you can climb right in and start digging! Using the guide posted on the back wall, you can unearth and identify different parts of the dinosaur.

You can also purchase Fossil Dig Kits that contain REAL fossils! There are eight different types of fossils that could possibly be inside, so each bag is different. After purchasing, you take the kit to the fossil dig and pour the contents of it through a special sieve; give it a few shakes, and all the fossil pieces are revealed! Using the insert within the kit, you can identify the different fossils. These Fossil Dig Kits are a great educational tool, and they are currently available for purchase in our gift shop for just $5.00. They also make a great souvenir to remember your time at the zoo!

But you certainly don’t have to purchase a Fossil Dig Kit to have fun— the Fossil Hunt is great fun all its own, and the best part is, it’s included in the price of general admission!

Stop by and try it out…we think you’ll really dig it.