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 SESSION 6: How Can You Address Student Misconceptions about Evolution?

Evaluate Part A: Assessing Student Work

Teachers assess student learning in many ways. In the following activities, you will evaluate how Mr. Bingman and Ms. Havlik addressed student misconceptions and whether their students' work shows understanding of evolution. At the end of this section, you'll use your notes to summarize and evaluate their strategies for uncovering and addressing misconceptions and assessing student learning.

But first, here is some background information on assessments in science classes.

Look at these examples of student work in Mr. Bingman's class.


Presentation 1: Anatomy and Physiology


Presentation 2: What is Natural Selection?


Presentation 3: Evolution: Evidence from Fossils

Then note your responses to these questions:


What evidence of student learning/understanding is there in this work? Why do you think that?


What did you see in students' work that was interesting and surprising?


What did you learn about how these students think and learn?

Facilitator Note 4

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