We’re bringing dinosaur discovery into the 21st century with . . .

Tracking T. rex with T-Mobile!

Tracking T. rex with T-Mobile logo

We’re tracking T. rex . . . using technology!

Embark on a digital dino hunt! Can you solve the puzzle and discover the hidden T. rex at Reptiland? (And we don’t mean the large animatronic one; that would be too easy!)

You’ll begin in the gift shop by scanning a QR code with your smartphone. You’ll then click on the link to view the first clue! The answer to the clue will lead you to another QR code clue. Continue following the clues on this smartphone scavenger hunt to track T. rex and discover his whereabouts within the zoo!

Once the hunt is completed, you can enter to win some dino-mite prizes!

Learn what it’s like to discover dinosaurs in real life

“Chasing Dinosaurs” with Dino Don Lessem

How did dinosaurs evolve? When did they live and why did they die out? Dino Don Lessen brings the ancient world of dinosaurs to life – the time periods, continental changes, and climate in dinosaur time. He’ll also discuss how fossils are formed, discovered, studied, and repaired, and share sample dinosaur bones, teeth, skin impression, claws, and even poop!

Dino Don is a world-renowned paleontologist who advised Steven Spielberg on the original Jurassic Park film and also served as a consultant for Universal and Disney theme parks! He has written 40 children’s books including encyclopedias for National Geographic, Random House, and Scholastic. We can’t wait for you to meet him and learn all about his experience working with dinosaurs!

**Please note: Dino Don will be available during specific hours for this event. On July 17, he will be available from 10am – 5pm, and on July 18, he will be available from 10am – 2:45pm. If you have questions, please contact us. Thank you.**

Experience the rest of Reptiland

As if tracking and chasing dinosaurs wasn’t enough, tickets to this event also include general admission! That means you’ll have access to all of the zoo exhibits and live shows throughout the day.

Don’t miss this roar-some event!

$18 for ages 12+
$16 for ages 3-11
FREE for ages 2 and under

Zoo members: admission to this event is free, but we ask that you reserve your tickets in advance if you plan to attend. To do so, please give us a call at 570-538-1869. Thank you!

Tracking T. rex with T-Mobile

This event is sponsored by T-Mobile.