To enhance the educational value of your trip to Reptiland, the printable packets below can be handed out to students and completed during their visit. These handouts are based on our exhibits and shows.

Zoo Clues

Test your reptile IQ with this fun, fact-finding worksheet! Answers can be found in the Exhibit Gallery and throughout the Prehistoric Path (also known as Dinosaurs Come to Life during the warmer months).
Answer sheet provided upon request.

Tropical Rainforest

A great companion to our program, The Tropical Rainforest: Nature’s Hothouse, this handout includes interesting facts and a quiz based on the material covered, complete with open-ended and true/false questions, a crossword puzzle, and answer key.

…or create your own!

We can provide the text from our exhibit graphics and habitat labels so you can create a custom educational aid for your students. Contact us for details.