Take advantage of our Group Rates

Planning a large family get together? Looking for something fun to do with all of your friends? Schedule a visit to Reptiland!

Group Rates | Clyde Peeling's Reptiland

Group Rates

$10 for ages 3 through 11
$12 for ages 12 and up

Planning a field trip for a school or organization?  Get field-trip specific info here.

Eligibility Requirements

We are happy to extend these special rates to groups of all kinds, we just ask that the following criteria be met.

Groups must:

  • Have a minimum of 15 people paying admission
    (infants do not count)
  • Schedule their visit in advance
  • Pay in one lump sum upon arrival

Exclusions and Restrictions

Group rates are offered for general admission only. They do not apply to special events, premium experiences, or birthday parties. Group rates cannot be combined with any other discounts, passes, or coupons. Other restrictions may apply.

Have questions or want to schedule your visit? Give us a call at 570.538.1869!

Picnic Pavilion Now Open

Plan your fun-filled day at the zoo . . . and don’t forget to pack a lunch!

Bring your favorite foods and enjoy a delicious meal under the cover of our new picnic pavilion. It’s available year-round and makes a great gathering place for family reunions, work retreats, and any other groups visiting the zoo.

If you would like to use this space during your visit, please let us know when booking so we can reserve a time for your group.

picnic pavilion at Clyde Peeling's Reptiland

Experience It All…For Less!

General admission gives you access to all of our exhibits and shows. When you visit with a group, you can take advantage of all there is to see and do at the zoo, and pay only the discounted group rates.

Don’t miss a thing—see what we have to offer!

Live Shows, Keeper Talks, and Animal Encounters

Our live shows vary, but they are about 30 minutes long and always include a touch opportunity!

Croc Talks and Dragon Talks
In these brief talks, zoo keepers highlight the largest animals found at the zoo: Komodo dragons and American alligators!

Animal Encounters
Because of our wildlife programs and traveling exhibitions, we actually have many animals here that aren’t on display in the zoo. At these special encounters, we show you some of these special creatures…and some encounters may include a touch opportunity!

These offerings vary by season. For the most up-to-date info, contact us or visit our Live Shows page.


Exhibit Gallery
Experience 40 species under one roof in our main gallery! Regardless of the weather, you can enjoy naturalistic habitats, educational graphics, and special interactive kiosks. Learn more.

Island Giants
Witness the world’s largest lizard—the Komodo dragon—in this state-of-the-art exhibit! You can also see Al & Henry, our two giant Aldabra tortoises (and oldest zoo residents)! Sneak a peek.

Parakeet Landing
Surround yourself with hundreds of colorful parakeets in our wildly popular walk-through aviary! Enjoy the company of feathered friends as beautiful budgies fly about in this exciting and immersive experience. Learn more.

Dinosaurs Come to Life (seasonal)
This outdoor adventure contains life-size dinosaurs, interpretive graphics, a paleontologist dig site, and new for 2017, a fossil dig! Come face-to-face with realistic recreations including Tyrannosaurus rex, Parasaurolophus, Stegasaurus, Brachiosaurus, Ceolophysis, and more! Not only can you experience these extinct reptiles through movement and sound, you’ll learn how dinosaurs hunted, protected their young, and defended themselves. This exhibit is seasonal, so be sure to check the dates here!

Guest Services and Other Amenities

Outdoor Picnic Area
Make a day of your visit and bring a picnic lunch! Take a break and enjoy a meal in our new pavilion that seats up to 75 people.
Note: If you are bringing a large group and would like to use the pavilion, please call to reserve a time.

Snack bar
Hungry? Grab a light snack at our Croc Bites snack bar located in the admissions building.

Free Parking
Parking at Reptiland is not only convenient, it’s always free for our guests!

ADA Accessible
All areas of the zoo meet the ADA requirements for being wheelchair accessible.