It’s no secret that Pokémon GO has swept the nation as the newest app sensation—including here in little ol’ Allenwood!

The zoo currently boasts two PokéStops, and visitors have already caught a variety of normal, grass, poison, psychic, flying, and bug type Pokémon.

With the beautiful summer days ahead, it’s the perfect time to visit the zoo. You can peruse our Exhibit Gallery, feed the parakeets, stroll through the dinosaur exhibit, see a live show . . . and catch a Pokémon or two!

the “Iron Turtle” PokéStop at Reptiland

Pokémon GO - PokéStops at Reptiland!

Below is a sampling of the Pokémon captured at Reptiland. As you can see, some blend in better than others . . .

Check out our hours, rates, and show times and plan your visit today!

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