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Zoo Zooms!

Reptiland Zoo Zooms | Clyde Peeling's Reptiland

While we wish that everyone could visit the zoo and take in our educational shows and exhibits, that’s just not possible at this time.

But the good news is because of that, we’ve created Zoo Zooms so that we can safely bring the zoo to YOU!

Virtual Programs

Recommended for classroom and other educational settings.

Enjoy our most popular live shows as exciting virtual events! Students can interact with a Reptiland keeper who augments the presentation with video clips, close-up photos, live reptiles, and fossil remains. Each presentation is approximately 30 minutes followed by an opportunity for questions/discussion (up to 30 minutes).

Programs Available

Ancient Adaptations
Everyone loves dinosaurs it seems, and this program highlights some of the many adaptations that made the dinosaurs among the most successful animals ever to roam the earth. The presenter will use photos and live examples of turtles, tortoises, and modern crocodilians to explain how they have survived hundreds of millions of years.

Lizards and Snakes Alive
Learn about this diverse and amazingly successful group called Squamates. Over 10,000 species live in a wide variety of habitats—from the cold north to the tropics. Students are introduced to geckos, iguanas, king snakes, rat snakes, boa constrictors, and more. What and how they eat, how they survive winters, how they evolved, how snakes move without legs—these are but a few of the questions answered by this program.

Venom: Nature’s Chemical Weapon
Most lizards and all snakes have trace amounts of venom in their saliva. But, this program focuses on those that have evolved mechanisms that enable them to inject venom for killing prey animals, to aid digestion, and for protection. Rear-fanged, front-fanged, and retractable-fanged snakes are covered together with the Gila monster. Using close up photos, videography, and a live snake, the presenter explains in detail how biting apparatuses function, how some harmless snakes mimic venomous species, how humans sometimes become victims to snakebites, and snakebite treatment.

Booking Information

One virtual program (30-minute presentation, up to 30 minutes of discussion): $200

To learn more or schedule a program, please call 570-538-1869.

Virtual Animal Encounters

Recommended for families and other virtual get-togethers.

If you want to learn more about reptiles, amphibians, and other critters here at the zoo, this experience is for you! These informal and informative encounters allow you to chat with the very people who care for the animals—our zoo keepers! Request your favorite species, learn some fun facts, and ask the keeper questions during this virtual animal encounter.* Whether your family is looking for something fun and safe to do or you’re hosting a virtual party with friends, this Zoo Zoom will not disappoint!

Animal Options

    • boa constrictor or ball python
    • hognose, gopher snake, or king snake
    • alligator or saltwater crocodile
    • iguana
    • gecko
    • Gila monster
    • turtle or tortoise
    • African bullfrog or poison dart frogs
    • scorpion, tarantula, or hissing cockroaches
    • kinkajou

Booking Information

30-minute encounter with 3 animals: $100

60-minute encounter with 5-6 animals: $200

For more information or to schedule a program, please call 570-538-1869.

*We will do our best to honor your animal requests, but we cannot guarantee the availability of any species, and therefore reserve the right to make substitutions as needed. Thank you.

Birthday Party Bonus

Since many celebrations have become virtual this year, we created a special add-on for these animal encounters that is perfect for birthday parties—and it’s available at no extra charge!

When you call to schedule your encounter, simply let us know that it is for a birthday, and we will mail a printed photo of the special birthday wish from Al & Henry shown below!

**And if you want to make their day extra special, you can even order merchandise from our gift shop as a birthday present to accompany the awesome animal encounter (to be picked up by appointment or shipped)!**

Happy Birthday from Al & Henry at Clyde Peeling's Reptiland! | Zoo Zooms